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BKB Attorneys at Law is a growing network of professionals that provides legal consultancy and support in Ukraine. Ukraine is a young democratic country and it is not easy to understand how the Ukrainian legislation could collide with all types of practical doing business. Our attorneys serve as a guide to the complex of issues of Ukrainian legislation that may arise from.

BKB Attorneys at Law is attuned to the needs of all types of the clients, both foreign and Ukrainian companies, organizations and banks, and has experience representing a wide range of clients with varying needs. In Ukraine, there are very specialized laws and limitations which pertain to cross-border transactions and currency regulation, thus sorting out and asserting the applicable law is a very precise specialty in this very active venue. The attorneys of BKB Attorneys at Law have the experience and know how to properly represent your interests and assert the proper remedy or defense as each case may require.

We are pleased to present you BKB Attorneys at Law and briefly describe services offered by us.


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